How to Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

We've said hello before and we'll say it again--we adore mix-and-match bridesmaid gowns!

I mean who doesn't? The whole look is simply so unique and we are all about bridesmaids expressing their individuality through their wedding party attire. If you're totally into the trend but aren't sure just how to pull them back, we have some important styling ideas to help make sure that your girls are perfectly mismatched!

Styling strategies for mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses.

Your ladies will be front and center, would you like to make sure their dresses coordinate together with your big day! Keep in mind that the appearance can be as refined or as jumbled as you would like, but to help keep it from looking sloppy, there must be at least one consistent element overall. Here's what to think about for your mismatched look:


Decide on the color or color scheme for your wedding party attire. If you opt for one color, have your girls choose different styles and/or necklines for any cohesive, mismatched look. If you would like to be considered a bit bolder, select a palette or color family (e.g., neutrals, pastels, dark purples, or blush pinks) and permit your girls to select what they prefer. If you follow this path, give your 'maids a paint chip (or something like that to reference) so that they know exactly what options they've.


Choose whether you would like your girls within the same style, similar styles, or different styles. If you're going within the same dress, mix different colors. If you are going to concentrate on the same or different silhouettes, attempt to stick with a regular feature like a strapless neckline, knee-length hem, flowing fabric, etc. If you're planning to allow your 'maids to look for their dresses, make certain to give clear directions on the things they should be buying.


We are 100% on board together with your ladies mixing fabrics, however, make certain that some guidelines are set. (Trust me - we've seen that wedding party with the one silky taffeta dress yourself in a sea of chiffon. It stands apart like a sore thumb and it is not pretty.) Soft, flowing chiffon ought to be combined with other soft fabrics for example jerseys or lace. Silky taffeta ought to be combined with other shiny, structured fabrics for example satin, silk, and occasionally lace.

Mismatched wedding party attire.

Mix-and-match feeltimes dresses are this type of fun method to personalize your wedding party and are ideal for making each girl feel at ease in what she's wearing. Whether you select their styles or provide them with free rein, with some simple guidelines to find out your desired look, your 'maids are going to be perfectly mismatched very quickly!

We need to know:

What do you consider of the mix-and-match trend? Do you have any styling tips of yours? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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